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Factory Setup Initial Study

Therefore, we will be able to customize accordingly to every client’s needs catered for each and every individual business. ATST will also explore the product portfolios and material consumption to provide options for our clients to suit them best. We will gauge profitability against capital costs and production speed, step in even at the very start – even picking and finding the right location for factory operation. Additionally, we will account for the major utility such as water and electricity with priority.

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing processes consists of complex procedures which will be a hit and miss for not only first-time rubber glove manufacturers, but also seasoned manufacturers. Our team has combined knowledge and also learned from mistakes of many manufacturers in the past. This ensures that we will apply what we have learned and ensure that your manufacturing processes will not be making mistakes others have, and will incorporate the best processes leading

Compounding Formulation

During the glove manufacturing process, chemicals are used and added. These are materials that are necessary in glove manufacturing, but they are also harmful to the workers and environment if wrongly used. ATST will ensure that these chemicals are safely used, and proper accelerators are added in the right amount by studying other parameters involved during this process such as heat, moisture, and even ozone. Our method also provides alternative ways to compounding,

Factory Infrastructure

As an essential pillar of our success, ATST’s progressing manufacturing systems are a class above in terms of speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. While our integrated supply chain improves automation, communication and self-monitoring without the need for human intervention, we also ensure that we only invest strategically in solid infrastructure that progresses with evolving requirements.

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