Logistic Sortation and
Warehousing Solutions

Logistic Sortation and Warehousing Solutions

ATST logistic sortation and warehousing solution helps to improve the efficiency and productivity as well as the accuracy of operations within the context of warehouses and logistic processes. ATST automated handling and sortation solution is able to optimize your process flow whilst providing real-time control and visibility into your daily warehouse operations, thereby increasing the efficiency of storage and distribution of your warehouse.

ATST high-speed automated sortation solutions have been successfully implemented across South East Asia region, fully operational in many customers facilities, especially E-commerce sort centers servicing last mile delivery operations. ATST engineering capability in developing creative design layout despite space constraint and product limitation has won over many customers.



ATST works closely with our partners to provide the best sorters for your operational needs. A few instances of the different types of sorters includes, Shoe Sorter, Wheel Sorter, Tilt Tray Sorter, Bombay Sorter, CrossBelt Sorter etc.

The main commonality of referenced sorters are that they enhances your business units with higher proficiency of work quality as well as a lower marginal errors of daily transactions.


ATST also encompasses a fully integrated system that is inclusive of robotic arms or machines that enhances processes with their specialization. Some examples where robotics come into play in some of our solutions are aiding in palletizing, stacking, lifting, picking processes.

Merging Conveyors

We built systems that allows for different feeding conveyors to merge into a single lane for sorting purposes. Our software is able to control the merging of products from a multi feeding lane into a single lane. This allows a flexibility of having more infeed stations allowing for a higher capacity of parcels on a single line.

Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic conveyors are widely used in the unloading or loading of transport vehicles when it comes to receiving or loading goods. We are able to design and produce telescopic conveyors of different builts that cater to different needs of businesses. This significantly increases the speed of loading/unloading of goods from a vehicle as well as reducing the stress toll on the manual labor.


Some examples of our application in different industries.


ATST designs, manufactures, manages project and provides a turn-key integrated system solution for logistic sortation and warehousing operations that caters to warehouse and distribution centers. Some of the products we have handled includes fresh foods, dairy products, general merchandise etc.

ATST objective is to help reduce warehouse and storage costs and cycle time of processes with creative solution and layout.

Consumer Warehouse

Some of the products that we have handled includes cosmetic, skin care, pharmaceutical and processed food.

ATST solution enhances the processing system and integrates the transport of incoming raw materials to the warehouse, production phase, packaging, finished goods storage, distribution and dispatch lines.

Parcel and E-commerce

ATST are able to aid parcel and e-commerce industries in their distribution and sortation centers by not only raising the productivity of labor but also reducing the human errors which translates into a faster processing time and thus a shorter delivery period to consumers. Having this advantage, e-commerce and parcel delivery are able to distinguish themselves as a better platform by providing short delivery time as compared to others in the market.


Many other industries including fabric, textile, farming, hotel etc, are also turning to automation due to certain prospects where machines reap a greater benefit whilst aiding the work done by man.

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