As a lifecycle partner, a strong relationship of trust with our clients is essential.


ATST builds turnkey solutions based on innovative plant technology, complete with buildings and infrastructure, tailor-made logistics, and all the equipment you need. There is more to our service than simply supplying plants, we implement your project perfectly to ensure your systems are immediately ready to operate. In that sense, you can focus entirely on your core business which is – successful production.

Project Management
Your Benefits


Synergy is what ATST upholds. We will closely cooperate with you and our engineering team will be able to transform your wishes into concrete form. This is how and where we first identify substantial savings potentials even at the very first initial stages of your project.

Synergy is what ATST Upholds

We will closely cooperate with you and our engineering team will be able to transform your wishes into concrete form.

Provide Extensive Planning

we analyze the interface and limits as well as the various production stages, equipment, and processes that your organization currently has. 

Professional Experience

ATST’s professional experience, we can help you finish the entire turnkey project in the shortest time and avoid all kinds of potential risks.


We handle your entire project while you sit back worry-free without having to get involved in this complicated stage. 

Our overall workflow of glove-dipping lines upon securing an order.


Be rest assured that with ATST, everything is under control. You can be at your ease of mind with our professional project management team working on your project. Minimizing your stress and worries is one of the most crucial success factors for turnkey projects.
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Be rest assured
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Storage & Logistic Systems
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Utility Systems
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Production Lines
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Plant infrastructure
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Plant Maintenance
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Compounding systems

Your Benefits


ATST will be your sole partner for all services. We take overall responsibility for planning and execution. Our group has vast experience in implementing large-scale turnkey projects in the glove manufacturing industry. This would mean that you only discuss everything with just one contact. It is an added advantage for you that we maintain strategic partnerships to cover the entire range of turnkey solutions. ATST cooperates with engineering companies, representatives, and local partners worldwide. That ensures we are perfectly positioned to guarantee the success of all your project phases.

Budget reliability
Less expenditure for temporary hiring of specialist personnel
Less expenditure for coordination
Less project organization expenditure
Fast-track completion
Deadline reliability
One point of contact for a whole project
Deadline reliability
Optimized communication and clear responsibilities
Reduced interfaces
Reduced risk for you