Transfer System


As a specialist in transfer systems, we have created and customised our own conveyor designs according to the layout & line design of client’s factory.

We would have a comprehensive understanding of client products prior to delivering the simplest & most suitable solution that ensure clients achieve their desired outcome.

The mini belt conveyor is easy to be installed, and is capable of handling high speed conveyance, while operating 24 hours a day. It is made of good quality aluminium profile, plastic end cap, motor and belt. This design is also safe and parts are easily replaceable.

We also provide gravity conveyors with rollers, and also powered conveyors with belt or roller chain types. Depending on the client’s needs, we will suggest the best and provide the best solution.

A simple and proven to be effective transfer system. Poly v conveyor equipped with its own poly v belt attached to all rollers. It normally used to transfer heavy and large size items. It is also used for a 90 degrees transfer solution with fixed alignment.

Alternative solution compared to poly v rollers, we also provide roller runs by polycord. It is easy to install and maintain. Polycord will turns by either power rollers or gear motor connected to a small roller. Its friction energy will be transferred to free rollers surface as it moves. Polycord is also flexible as it can be easily form with different diameters depending on customer specification.

Free roller used to transport goods by manually push or by using gravity as driving force. Mainly used for sorting and easily maintained as it has long service life.

Replacing curve belt / polyvee conveyor by using pop up sorter for 90 degree transition. Pop up system use polycord belt which is easy to maintain and replace if needed. Speed and design can be customize depending on customer requirement.

Transfer System

Lifter Transfer System

Our lifters are user friendly and easy to be installed due to the use of aluminium as its structure. Installation will only require using bolts and nuts, without any welding work. Our chain type lifter are normally used to transfer medium weight goods from a higher level to a lower level or vice versa. Any additional functions such as stoppers or extra sensors are optional and are available depending on each application. The process flow of the project can be customised to each client’s needs.

Transfer System

Auto Alignment Conveyor

Due to the distance covered by the basket, there is a possibility for the position to be misaligned when it reached the packing table. As it need to be align perfectly before moving on to next process, we introduce an auto alignment conveyor which equipped with power roller, poly cord and free rollers. Poly cord can be replacing easily when needed.

Transfer System

Direct Packing System

Future development in glove industries is to grow towards industry 4.0 by starting to eliminate waste and optimizing end of line process flow. Most of glove industries is practicing offline packing or straight pack system.

Offline packing means the gloves will be pack not in real time. It will be placed at a designated area and only be pack when needed. This usually increases inventory issues and resulting in space wastage. This system also use manpower to transport the gloves to packing department manually.

Straight pack is almost similar to our direct packing system, as the operator will straight away pack the gloves at the stripping area after the auto layer finished stacking and counting. Throughout time, Boxes of gloves will accumulate at stripping area, and manpower is still needed to transport the boxes manually to next destination…. Read More