Unit Materials Handling System

ATST Unit Materials Handling equipment has been its core business over the years since establishment. ATST places all effort in refining and redeveloping the design of its equipment over the years which aims to improve the functionality, durability and efficiency to provide a better experience for customers. Its main function is designed to transport and provide control over materials, with high flow dependency and accuracy, the highly flexible modular design make it easy to implement in many phases of different industries, spanning from manufacturing, assembly lines, food production, packaging, sortation, warehousing, and logistic supply chains etc.

ATST caters a wide range of modular conveyor units where they are integrated with various processing machineries to provide a turn key automated solution, which seamlessly connecting the flow of materials to enhance it processes leading to uplifting the manufacturing capability.

Modular Conveyors

Mini-series belt conveyor (90° and 180° curve belt conveyors)

Roller conveyor series

Poly-V belt driven conveyor

Telescopic conveyor series

Ball-transfer equipment

Skate-wheel conveyor

Vertical reciprocating conveyor

Medium to heavy duty belt conveyor

Flexible chain conveyor

Chain conveyor

Electronic & Electrical

ATST solution implemented in the Electronics industries covers various sizes and shapes of products. The flexible conveyor designs, allowed it to fit the requirements of the nits and gritty challenges in transporting and placement of customer’s products.


ATST automated materials handling solution aids the different aspects of the automotive lines featuring manufacturing, assembly and distribution lines. The creative and unique solutions implemented in production processes such as curing, cooling, assembly, inspections, testing, dispatch for many different products encompassing the likes of engines, tyre, car seats.

Food & Beverage

ATST has provided automated handling systems to aid in the processes of food products such as cooling, weighing, mixing, baking, canning, sorting and packaging lines. The automated solutions have greatly benefited in up lifting the productivity gain and cost saving in eliminating access labours. 

Other Services

ATST has also built different types of equipment for our own customers.

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